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Yorkshire Recipes

Cappleside Organic Crispy Beef, Topcliffe Mushrooms and White Onion Risotto, Balsamic Jus
Cappleside organic meat can be found on this website under 'Fresh from the Farm'.

by Jerome Gaudre, Head Chef at Rudding Park using produce from their 'Food Heroes'
Serves 4

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Preperation time 40 minutes
Cooking time 2 .5 hours

2 carrots
1/2 leek
1/2 head of celery
2.5 litres/90floz beef stock
1 large onion
500g/1lb Topcliffe flat mushrooms
2 sprigs of thyme
100g/4oz butter
700g/1.5lb risotto rice
100ml/4floz white wine
1.5 litres/50floz vegetable stock
100g/4oz parmesan cheese
2 shallots
20ml/1floz balsamic vinegar
20g/1oz cornflour
2 egg yolks
Japanese cress to decorate
500g/1lb Cappleside Farm Beef Shoulder

1. To braise beef: Dice carrots, leek and celery. Place beef shoulder in a deep pan and add diced vegetables and beef stock.
2. Cover pan with a lid and cook in oven for 2 hours at 180C.
3. When beef is tender, remove meat and place on one side. Reduce stock to 1/3 its consistency and put to one side
4. To make Risotto: Peel and chop onion and slice the mushrooms. Saute onion, mushrooms and thyme with a knob of butter unit soft then add risotto rice.
5. Mix together, then add white wine and vegetable stock to the level of rice and leave to simmer until rice absorbs stock. Add more vegetable stock as required
6. Just before risotto is ready, grate parmesan cheese over top.
7. When risotto is cooked 'al dente', remove from the stove
8. To make the jus: Peel and chop two shallots and saute with a knob of butter.
9. Dissolve residue with balsamic vinegar and leave to reduce
10. Add reduced beef stock from earlier
11. To assemble the dish: Shred beef into strips. Dip beef in egg yolks then dip in cornflour. Deep fry coated strips until golden brown.
12. Place a metal ring in the centre of plate and fill with risotto. Remove ring and place beef over the top
13. Drizzle the jus around the outside, then sprinkle a little cress over the beef. Enjoy!

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