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About us

The Yorkshire landscape has been shaped by centuries of farming and our farmers play an important role in conserving the countryside, especially in environmentally sensitive areas such as the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Dales.

Keep it green

Send the packaging �packing�
By shopping at your local farm shop or Farmer�s Market, you will be buying fresh seasonal food, which is not wrapped in excess packaging. A huge saving to yourself and the environment.

Shop locally
Shopping locally, �little and often� is the answer. The shorter the distance from field to fork, the fewer the food miles. Up to 40% of the Lorries on our roads are transporting food. This is environmentally unfriendly and contributes to congestion, pollution and wear and tear on our roads.

Cut the costs
As farmers receive a relatively small percentage of the selling price of the food they grow, it makes sense for them to sell direct, or through local farm shops and markets, which reduces their overheads, so that savings can be passed directly back to you!

Support the local economy
Buying food produced locally boosts the local economy. For every £10 spent with a local food business, £25 is generated for the local area. This compares with only £14 for the same amount spent in an �out of town� store.

What do we mean by local produce?
Local food is any food which has been produced, reared or grown within Yorkshire.

However, you will also see that we have included foods made from local produce which contains other ingredients. This means for example, that cheese made from Yorkshire milk will be included on the web site, but cheese made from imported milk will not, even if it is manufactured in Yorkshire. Similarly, products such as sausages must contain Yorkshire meat.

All the producers listed have completed a questionnaire which identifies their locally grown ingredients.

Where To Eat

e.g. northallerton

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