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Meet Whole Hog Sausage

Get to know your local producers

Picture - Meet Whole Hog Sausage

Ten years ago solicitors Peter and Ruth Olley thought of the idea of producing �proper� sausages using the whole side of pork. Six years on from that date they found themselves embarking on their dream. Although not an easy ride, and with plenty to learn, the �Whole Hog Sausage� was born.

Using the family kitchen, prime cuts of pork, including the loin, were purchased from local farmers and worked by hand to make the Hog sausages. The production of the sausages has now moved to a unit just outside of Ripon, but the sausages are still being made by hand every Tuesday.

Restaurants were supplied with a selection of sausages and as a result of the delicious taste, chefs re-ordered. Today the Whole Hog Sausage can be experienced in the Devonshire at Bolton Abbey, the Angel Inn, Woolly Sheep Inn, Castle Arms and many more. The feedback on the quality has been fantastic and as Mr Olley says �It�s a Sunday roast in a sausage�.

There are many varieties, ranging from the original Whole Hog Sausage to Italian sausages with fennel seed, chilli�s and garlic, to a simple rustic Toulouse sausage.

The Whole Hog Sausage can now be purchased from Northallerton market every Saturday (near Morrison�s).

Find out more about Peter in our producer questionnaire

1. Best selling product? - Whole Hog Sausage (original)
2. Favourite product? - Whole Hog Sausage
3. What is your favourite dish? - Cassoulet
4. What is the best job you�ve ever done? - Defending the Beef on the Bone Case in 1997
5. Who inspires you? - Mother-in-law
6. Your happiest moment? - Meeting her daughter
7. Your best achievement? - Keeping her happy on Christmas day
8. Who does the cooking at home? - Her daughter
9. Favourite place in North Yorkshire? - Malham
10. What was the best food tip your grandmother/mother gave you? - How to make Yorkshire puddings
11. Motto in life? - Never give up
12. What three things would you take to a desert island? - Gamekeeper, Cook and Butler!

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