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Yorkshire Recipes

Blackwell Ox Inn Steamed Steak & Kidney Pudding
Spring is here, the flowers are out - fresh local produce is all about!
Delicious on an Autumn Evening

by Stephen Holding - Blackwell Ox, Sutton-on-the-Forest
Serves 4

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Preperation time 30 minutes (plus overnight marinade)
Cooking time 1 + 2.5 hours

1 kg/2.2lbs locally produced Dexter Braising Steak
200g/7oz kidney
Garlic, thyme & seasoning
1 bottle red wine
2 onions finely diced
2 carrots finely diced
50g/2oz self raising flour
250g/90z suet
seasoning (chives or parsley)

1. Dice beef and mix with herbs and seasoning
2. Cover with wine and marinade overnight
3. Remove sinew from kidney and blanch in hot water until half cooked and drain
4. Drain meat, keeping the marinade. Flour and season and seal in small amounts in hot pans
5. Place sealed meat in large pan with carrots and onions
6. Deglaze pans with marinade liquor, pour over meat and add enough stock to cover
7. Cook for approx. 1 hour on a low heat or until meat is tender
8. Add kidneys in small diced pieces and leave to cool
9. Mix together flour, suet and seasoning and add water to form a soft pastry
10. Line moulds leaving pastry above top edge
11. Fill moulds 3/4 with meat
12. Roll lids and cut 1cm bigger than needed, brush with egg wash and place over pie, pressing firmly to seal
13. Cut and remove excess pastry, 'finger and thumb' edge and cut slit into top in middle
14. Cover with greaseproof and foil with a pleat in and tie around top to ensure that water cannot get in
15. Steam for 2.5 hours

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