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What will we be eating in 2030?

The Governemt has launched an online discussion to inform its strategy on food security.

Picture - What will we be eating in 2030?

What will we be eating in 2030?

In the last decades we have become used to a varied diet of foods from all over the world in all seasons. For many of us the problem is too much to eat, not too little. But will this last? Environment secretary Hilary Benn has warned: �We need a radical rethink of how we produce and consume our food. Globally we need to cut emissions and adapt to the changing climate that will alter what we grow and where we grow it�.

How do you think we should prepare for a new world where rising population, global heating and animal disease all threaten food security? Do we adopt GM techniques or dig for victory and bring every spare acre back into production? Should we revert to a pre-war diet or cover the countryside with polytunnels to keep our exotic fruit and veg?

Don�t leave this to everybody else: contribute your ideas and solutions by clicking on the link below to join in the government�s online discussion at �Food 2030�.

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