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Naturally reared Aberdeen Angus

Nidderdale becomes new home for quality Aberdeen Angus beef.

Picture - Naturally reared Aberdeen Angus

For the past four and a half years, Tony and Jenny Garman have been establishing their pedigree herd of Aberdeen Angus Cattle at Park House Farm.

After leaving their professions in 2004 Tony and Jenny embarked on the refurbishment of Park House Farm, situated in the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Initially unsure how best to manage the farm, they decided that the pastures deserved to be stocked with cattle and eventually chose the pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle breed.

Managing the farm has been a vertical learning curve which has involved spending a lot of time erecting fencing to protect the woodlands and hedgerows which surround the species rich organic grass pastures. At the same time, they have built specialised barns that provide spacious quarters for the herd during the winter and for calving.

Since establishing the Nidderdale herd they have seen 33 births, all of which have been 100% Pedigree Aberdeen Angus. In 2008 they made the decision to buy their first Pedigree Aberdeen Angus stock bull called Leo, which has allowed the cattle to become a 'closed herd' enabling them to eliminate fully external health risks.

After approximately two years the cattle are suitably mature to provide exceptionally good beef. This is left hanging in chilled storage for up to 28 days before professional butchers prepare the individual joints, steaks and specialised cuts, for packing and distribution to customers throughout the UK. Pedigree Aberdeen Angus beef is widely accepted as the very best quality available due to the small marbling within the meat, the succulent tenderness and full flavour.

Best Selling product?
Roasts and Steaks

Favourite product?
Park House Farm Aberdeen Angus

What is your favourite food dish?
Park House Farm Rump Steak

What is the best job you have ever done?
Working on the Burj Al Arab 7 Star hotel, in Dubai.

Who inspires you?

Jenny, my 3 daughters and Bob Dylan.

Your happiest moment?
Marrying Jenny

Your best achievement?
Renovating the farm house and farm

Who does the cooking at home?
Jenny 29 days and Tony 1 day

Favourite place in North Yorkshire?
Fountains Abbey

What was the best food tip your grandmother/mother gave you?
Appreciation of good ingredients in food.

Motto in life?
Live your life today.

What three things would you take to a desert island?
Jenny, and my ipod hidden in a case of Champagne and a sailing boat -- to get home in once the Champagne was finished!

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